Best Restaurants in Locorotondo

Bina Ristorante Di Puglia

$$ Via Dottor Vincenzo Recchia, 44/50, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Family Style
Bina is located in Locorotondo. It's a trip through the tastes and traditions of authentic Puglia, to rediscover a real land with strong and unmistakable tastes. A restaurant that represents a journey to rediscover a real land, with strong and unmistakable tastes.

Leonardo ArteCibo Restaurant

$$$ Contrada Semeraro, 107, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Premium Casual
In the heart of the most beautiful Apulia, in the Itria Valley, at Salento gateway, surrounded by scents and a luxuriant nature, stands the refined Leonardo Trulli Resort. As a work of art, which envelops and amplifies all senses, the cuisine of the ArteCibo Restaurant creates emotions and tells the ancient culinary art of this heel of Italy, our Apulia. The author of this magic experience is the Chef Francesco Cataldi, awarded by the “Gambero Rosso” as an emerging Chef.

La Greppia Del Frate

$$$ Via Alberobello, 266, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Set against the whitewashed backdrop of Locorotondo, one of Apulia's most picturesque towns, La Greppia del Frate emerges as a culinary jewel where tradition marries innovation. The name, evoking images of old monastic vineyards ("greppia" referring to a trough and "frate" meaning friar), instantly transports diners to a world where time moves a little slower, and meals are a celebration. Inside, the ambience blends rustic elegance: stone walls, wooden beams, and gentle lighting from iron lanterns create a cosy atmosphere, while touches of modern art add contemporary flair. La Greppia del Frate takes pride in its roots. The menu is a delightful dive into the heart of Apulian cuisine. Carefully curated by Chef Antonio, dishes spotlight the region's rich bounty. From 'orecchiette con cime di rapa' (ear-shaped pasta with turnip greens) to 'burrata' cheese drizzled with Locorotondo's finest olive oil, every bite is a testament to the purity of local ingredients. The wine list is equally impressive, paying tribute to Apulia's renowned vineyards. Here, guests can sip on the crisp notes of a local white or indulge in the deep, robust flavours of the famous Primitivo red.

Ristorante Pizzeria Lounge Bar Belvedere

$$$ Via Aprile, 24, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria Cocktail Bar
Perched atop the rolling hills of Locorotondo, with panoramic vistas of Apulia's olive groves and vineyards, the Ristorante Pizzeria Lounge Bar Belvedere offers more than just a dining experience—it's an embrace of the soul of southern Italy. As the name suggests, 'Belvedere' (meaning 'beautiful view' in Italian) takes pride in its unrivalled location. Whether seated on the open terrace at sunset, watching the golden hues play over the historic trulli structures, or nestled indoors behind expansive windows, the views are bound to take your breath away. The culinary journey at Belvedere is an homage to Italy's rich heritage. The ristorante section boasts a menu that captures the essence of Apulian flavours—fresh seafood from the Adriatic, hearty pasta dishes like the classic 'orecchiette', and an array of local cheeses and cured meats. But if it's a slice of heaven you're after, the pizzeria does not disappoint. Each pizza, crafted passionately, features a crisp crust, tangy tomato base, and the finest local toppings. The Lounge Bar is where Belvedere truly comes alive post-dusk. An exquisite selection of wines, curated from Apulia's finest vineyards, complements the craft cocktails prepared with a twist. Soft lounge music fills the air as the night deepens, setting the tone for unforgettable evenings.

L'Arco Dei Tipici

$$ Via Vittorio Veneto, 126, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Tucked away in the heart of Locorotondo's charming historic centre, L'Arco Dei Tipici emerges as a portal to Apulia's rich culinary past and vibrant present. The name, translating to "The Arch of the Typical", encapsulates the establishment's ethos. Walking into L'Arco Dei Tipici feels like stepping through an archway into a bygone era, where traditions hold firm and culinary tales of yesteryears come alive on plates. The decor marries rustic charm with elegance. Original stone walls and arches evoke the essence of ancient Apulian architecture, while modern touches lend an air of contemporary sophistication. The soft ambient lighting, reflecting off handcrafted ceramic plates adorning the walls, creates an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. Chef Maria, an Apulian native, masterfully curates a menu that's a testament to the region's gastronomic wealth. At L'Arco Dei Tipici, dishes are not just meals but stories. Each recipe, handed down through generations, showcases the best local produce— from the fresh catch of the Adriatic Sea to the organic treasures of the region's fertile lands. Signature dishes like 'cavatelli con ragù di bracelet and 'fritto misto di Pesce stand out, capturing the soul of Apulian cuisine.

Ristorante U Curdunn

$$$ Via Dura, 19, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The U Curdunn restaurant is an elegant but at the same time rustic and informal venue located in the heart of the ancient village of the "locus rotundus". Among the restaurants in Locorotondo worth a detour, U Curdunn is a candidate among the essential stops for its welcoming location and the excellent raw materials purchased daily from trusted producers. Locorotondese cuisine is not Apulian cuisine. The Apulians know this well: Puglia is long, and the biodiversity, the handed-down recipes, the flavours and the customs are very, very different compared to other areas of the same region. In our U Curdunn restaurant in Locorotondo, you will find authentic local cuisine: historic recipes prepared with the best ingredients found by local farmers.

GOODO Ristorante

$$$ Via Cisternino Angolo, Via S. Pantaleo, N. 2-4, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
In the captivating mosaic of Locorotondo's gastronomic scene, GOODO Ristorante emerges as a beacon of contemporary flair grounded in timeless Apulian traditions. Derived from the phrase "Good Osteria", GOODO harmoniously balances the age-old spirit of an Italian tavern with an avant-garde approach. Its sleek interiors, adorned with minimalist decor, contrast beautifully with the town's characteristic whitewashed trulli, offering a refreshing juxtaposition of old and new. At GOODO, the culinary narrative is both familiar and innovative. While the essence of every dish stems from Apulia's rich agricultural roots, there's an unmistakable touch of modernity in its execution. Chef Marco, a Locorotondo native with international accolades, crafts a menu that tells a story of his homeland but through a global lens. Every plate promises a journey from the vibrant 'crudo di mare' that pays homage to the Adriatic coast to a reimagined 'orecchiette' that surprises the palate with unexpected textures and flavours. The wine list at GOODO is a curated ensemble of Italian wines, with particular attention to local Apulian varietals. The restaurant also boasts an open kitchen concept, allowing guests to witness the magic unfold, bridging the gap between chef and diner.

Pizzeria Casa Pinto

$$ Via Aprile, 23, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
In the historic centre of Locorotondo (among "The most beautiful villages in Italy") via Aprile n. 23, among the white lime walls and flower-filled balconies, a brown wooden sign stands out with Casa Pinto Pizzeria written on it. The pizzeria was born within the walls of what, until a few years ago, just before its opening, was a typical house in the Locorotonda village. It was arranged on two levels between the ground floor overlooking the street and the first floor with a terraced outdoor space. Pizzeria Casa Pinto, in addition to the goodness of its table, can boast a magical location. On midsummer evenings, with the mild climate, under the glow of the lights, the enchanting streets of the historic centre of Locorotonda and a splendid terrace between the "commerce" (roofs of the typical village houses) offer the necessary space for outdoor tables. Inside, the two rooms made of local white stone, illuminated by soft lights, provide an intimate and intimate place to enjoy a delicious pizza, feeling like guests in a Locorotonda house. It is precisely this pleasant impression of feeling at home, combined with the typical welcome of the place, impeccable service and the use of top-quality ingredients, which have been essential characteristics from the outset. The site is now the destination of a prominent local, national and international clientele, making Pizzeria Casa Pinto a recognized and sought-after brand in complete harmony with the history and current events of the Valle d'Itria. Pizzeria Casa Pinto aims to represent an opportunity to eat an excellent pizza and a unique emotional experience.

Braceria Pietranuda

$$$ Via Martina Franca, 25, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Set amidst the enchanting lanes of Locorotondo, Braceria Pietranuda is a testament to Apulia's deep-rooted love for flame-grilled delicacies and the earthy embrace of its land. The name "Pietranuda," translating to "bare stone," captures the restaurant's elemental ethos. The interior resonates with rustic simplicity, showcasing exposed stonework that tells tales of centuries past, combined with modern, minimalistic touches that create an ambience of understated elegance. The open grill is at the heart of Braceria Pietranuda, where the magic truly unfolds. Here, the finest cuts of meat—sourced from local farms practising sustainable and ethical rearing—are transformed into culinary masterpieces over glowing embers. The aromas of charred wood and sizzling essences waft through the dining area, tantalizing the senses and setting the stage for an authentic Braceria experience. While the grill takes centre stage, Chef Alessandra crafts a menu highlighting the best of Apulian produce. Sides like 'fave e calorie (fava bean purée with wild chicory) and hearty salads sourced from neighbouring gardens perfectly complement the robust flavours of the grill. The wine list is a curated tribute to Italy's rich viticultural heritage, emphasizing Apulia's vital reds and crisp whites. Each glass promises to elevate the grilled offerings, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours.

Osteria Il Rosone

$$ Via Eroi Di Dogali, 6, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Nestled amidst the timeless lanes of Locorotondo, Osteria Il Rosone blooms as a culinary gem, offering a rich tapestry of Apulian gastronomy within the fragrant embrace of its namesake, the rose. As you approach the establishment, the subtle scent of roses mingles with the tempting aromas of freshly cooked delicacies, guiding diners towards an unforgettable culinary experience. The interior of Il Rosone mirrors the enchanting allure of a rose garden, with rose-hued walls, intricate rose motifs, and vases holding the freshest blooms of the season. Staying true to the spirit of a traditional osteria, the menu revolves around the heart and soul of Apulian cuisine. From hearty plates of 'orecchiette con cime di rapa' to rich, sun-kissed 'Pomodoro al Forno, every dish reflects the region's bounteous produce and age-old recipes. Chef Luigi, a native son of Locorotondo, brings a blend of authenticity and innovation to the table. While maintaining respect for traditions, he isn't afraid to introduce a twist, often garnishing dishes with rose-infused oils or rose petals, providing a delightful touch that pays homage to the osteria's name.

Mandragora Pozioni & Porzioni

$$ Largo Piave, 18, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Cocktail Bar
In the historic heart of Locorotondo, a mystical culinary haven awaits those who seek flavours beyond the ordinary. Enter Mandragora Pozioni & Porzioni, where enchanting Apulian traditions meet the artistry of gastronomic alchemy. Drawing inspiration from the legendary mandrake root, known in folklore for its magical properties, the restaurant promises a dining experience that's as spellbinding as its namesake. With walls adorned in ancient Apulian symbols and herbs dangling from wooden rafters, the ambience evokes the charm of a sorcerer's sanctum. At Mandragora, the concept of "Pozioni & Porzioni" (Potions & Portions) takes centre stage. Chef Alarico, with his deep-rooted knowledge of Apulian herbs and spices, crafts dishes that are both nourishing and captivating. Each plate is a 'porzione' of magic—a harmonious blend of local ingredients prepared with age-old techniques yet presented with a contemporary flair. But the true allure lies in the 'pozioni'. From elixirs infused with aromatic herbs to captivating wines from mystical Apulian vineyards, every drink is designed to enchant the senses and elevate the meal. Some diners even whisper tonics that can evoke memories, laughter, and dreams long forgotten.

La Pignatta

$$ Via Vittorio Veneto, 118, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Intense flavours and aromas, agricultural and fishing products that form a perfect combination and which, together, are the cornerstones of the typical cuisine of the Apulian tradition, simple ingredients that give life to recipes with an extraordinarily genuine taste. These are the qualities that the Locorotondo Gustoteca Mediterranea La Pignatta pizzeria restaurant perfectly interprets through the creation of typical dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy and the enchanting Valle d'Itria, a generous land of excellent agri-food production. Each delicacy proposed by Lorenzo Zizzi, chef of the Locorotondo pizza restaurant, can tell a story and is a delight for every palate. The homemade pasta, the grilled meats, the beautiful vegetables and legumes, and the wines, such as the Locorotondo DOC, pass on the typicality of a land that has always been an ambassador in the world of unique and incomparable food and wine. The Locorotondo Gustoteca Mediterranea La Pignatta pizzeria restaurant, with great care in every preparation, offers simple dishes, but at the same time, rich in solid flavours based on the healthy principles of ancient Mediterranean cuisine which it spreads with absolute mastery and which attest to the passion lavished in making recipes from the past, which are still very popular today. The menu offers a wide choice of first and second courses of grilled meat and fish, rustic appetizers, grilled vegetables, light fried foods and local wines. Among the specialities, we highlight the dried broad bean purée cooked in the traditional piñata, served with a side of wild chicory.

"QuantoBasta" Pizza & Dessert

$$ Via Morelli, 12, 70010, Locorotondo
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
In the picturesque alleys of Locorotondo, where tradition embraces modernity, Quanto Basta Pizza & Dessert emerges as a beacon of gastronomic delight. A place where Italy's most beloved dish, the pizza, finds a sweet counterpoint in decadent desserts. "QuantoBasta" translates to "just enough" or "as much as is needed," reflecting the restaurant's philosophy—simplicity in ingredients but abundance in flavour. The interiors are an ode to minimalist Italian design, where rustic wooden tables meet contemporary decor, all under a canopy of warm, ambient lighting. At the heart of QuantoBasta lies its wood-fired oven, where pizza crusts rise and bubble to perfection. Each pizza, whether a classic Margherita or a unique Apulian-inspired creation, is a testimony to the region's bounteous produce. The sauce, rich with sun-drenched tomatoes and toppings that range from creamy burrata to robustly flavoured local sausages, is a testament to the eatery's commitment to authentic flavours. But the experience doesn't end with savoury. The dessert menu at Quanto Basta is a journey into the sweeter side of Italy. Each dessert is crafted to provide a blissful finale, from creamy tiramisu layered with cocoa and coffee to panna cotta that jiggles with joy. Not to mention special Apulian sweet treats that evoke the region's spirit, ensuring there's always something new for the palate to explore.
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