Best Restaurants in Palermo

Tannura Osteria

$$$$ Via Gaetano Filangeri, 26, 90133, Palermo
Italian Family Style
The name of the local Tannura, therefore, contains the warmth, love, and passion that we put into our work every day. The restaurant has an indoor air-conditioned room and a terrace with a garden in the historic center of Palermo. Fish and meat menu is also available.

Taverna Dei Canti

$$ Via Maqueda, 229, 90133, Palermo
Italian Premium Casual
Restaurant located in the historic center of Palermo specializes in traditional gourmet meat and fish dishes with a wide selection of wines.

Moon Indian

$$ Via Giuseppe La Masa, 2, 90139, Palermo
Indian Asian Casual Dining Family Style
The only Indian restaurant in Palermo that takes you with essential cuisine specialities into the heart of Indian culture to fully experience the beauty of cultural and culinary differences. At Moon Indian, you will find Indian cuisine in its most traditional forms, where the various proposals will transport your mind to Southeast Asia, savouring all that mix of spices and unmistakable smells of the Indian territory. The restaurant is located a few steps from the coast, perfect for enjoying a beautiful view of the sea after lunch.


$$ Piazza Caracciolo, 12/13, 90133, Palermo
African Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
An ethnic restaurant that takes us straight to Africa; thanks to Ciwara, you can experience a different but unique culinary experience. A traditional African cuisine that proposes the typical dishes of a gastronomic culture far from ours but presents history, culture and many good delicacies based especially on meat. Many spices and strong flavours distinguish traditional dishes. Ciwara will give you a different experience in the historic centre than usual.


$$ Via Ricasoli, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian International Mediterranean Casual Dining
HAIKU is an organic vegan restaurant offering tasty and appetizing dishes that satisfy every palate, even the sweet tooth, and delicious low-calorie desserts. HAIKU via Ricasoli 30 welcomes international and Sicilian dishes with a vegan twist in an atmosphere that tastes of nature. From 19.00, the restaurant is open to enjoy the APERIVEG with organic wine, craft beer, juices and smoothies accompanied by vegan appetizers. All in the frame of La Lumia, always full of cultural and musical events.

Ristorante Kuaizi

$$$ Via E. Amari, 57 A/B, 90139, Palermo
Italian Chinese Japanese International Asian Casual Dining Family Style
Rolls, noodles, steamed ravioli, main courses of meat and fish...these are just some of our specialities related to Chinese cuisine that you can enjoy. Our oriental chefs carefully prepare each dish. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, temaki, nigiri and much more: the harmony of shapes and colours of Japanese foods prepared with high-quality ingredients and experience that delight not only the palate but also the sight. Complex and articulated, Sicilian cuisine is among Italy's richest and most spectacular: appetizers, desserts, and first courses prepared with care and skill by our Italian chef. At Kuaizi, you will find only the best, located near the centre near Borgo Vecchio.


$$$ Via Ludovico Ariosto, 28P, 90144, Palermo
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
The first authentic Argentinian restaurant in Palermo, a place of choice for Argentine food and wine culture. The story of Chef Gustavo begins in the countryside of Guaymallén, in the heart of Mendoza, the land of the sun and good Argentine wine. The staff will be able to show you the dish that best suits your tastes, from a careful selection of meats and raw materials, expertly cooked according to the Argentine culinary tradition. Paired with one of the Argentine wines from our cellar, you can enjoy a complete gastronomic experience. The best breeders select Argentinean meats and the best producers to guarantee an incredible quality of the raw material.

Mo' Avast

$$$ Via Isidoro La Lumia, 82, 90139, Palermo
Italian Greek Mediterranean Premium Casual
Love for one's origins and love for the smells and flavours of one's land come together to give life to one of the most interesting realities of catering in Palermo. His name is Mo 'Avast, and “Now that's enough!” is its meaning. A clear invitation to Change. Just as genuine and refined are all the Made in Sud ingredients that the well-known Chef Manuela personally chooses every day. Life in the kitchen and Grandma's recipes. A great love for food and too amazing. Constantly evolving. If you have never tasted Orecchiette with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil Sauce, if you are curious about trying Chicory Meatballs or those with Zucchini, Mint and Feta, or again, a noteworthy Moussaka, Saganaki, Greek Salad, Pork Souvlaki, and so much more. All that remains is to go!! What are you waiting for?

Alle Terrazze

$$$$ V.le Regina Elena, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
Alle Terrazze: the restaurant "on the water" of the Mondello sea, inside the old bathing establishment. The chef's refined menu, the staff's professionalism and a dream setting will give you moments of pure pleasure. Furnished with taste and attention to the smallest detail, the large restaurant room, a terrace overlooking the sea, is the ideal location for banquets, graduations, weddings, baptisms and events. Having dinner or lunch by the sea, surrounded by elegance and refinement, will make your meal unique, with fairy-tale flavours.

L'angolo Di Mondello

$$ Via Mondello, 15, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
We find a small restaurant with simple and familiar features within the walls of the city of Mondello, a few steps from the splendid Palermo, a stone's throw from the sea. One of those places where only food and good company count, where the smells of tradition make room for a suggestive view of the port of Little Mondello. L'angolo di Mondello, trattoria da Franco, was born to bring its customers to discover actual Sicilian home cooking and enjoy typical traditional dishes, thanks to the chef's experience and cordial, friendly, professional staff.

Le Rocce

$$$$ Via Piano Di Gallo, 40, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
A few steps from the sea, in the town of Mondello, in the province of Palermo, we find a charming family restaurant with a welcoming, simple and casual location. We are talking about the Le Rocce restaurant, located near the port of the Sicilian town, where you can admire and taste the typical traditional dishes. Given the close link with the sea, the cuisine undergoes a considerable seafaring influence, taking advantage of it in the menu, where fish is the master. Unique dishes or seafood first or second courses are based on customer tastes. One thing is sure; you will smell and taste the sea at Le Rocce.

La Vecchia Masseria

$$ Via Saline, 108, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
The La Vecchia Masseria restaurant in Partanna Mondello via Saline 108 has a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, a natural oasis of tranquillity surrounded by greenery a few steps from the city. Restaurant of typical Sicilian cuisine, with many specialities based on fish but also meat, La Vecchia Masseria is the ideal place to enjoy carefree days with your friends and family, perhaps to celebrate a significant event or an anniversary. Thanks to the large external spaces and the rustic and welcoming internal rooms, the restaurant is also available to customers to organize parties for baptisms, communions and any other special moment.

Ristorante Villa Clelia

$$$ Via Carbone, 26, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A restaurant that makes elegance the watchword. A truly suggestive place, simple, elegant, and elementary. At Villa Clelia, you will find what you have always wanted. A refined, elegant cuisine that is skilfully prepared and conceived by the chefs and creators of these magnificent works of art. The kitchen takes advantage of the tradition, drawing on a lengthy food and wine journey that leads Villa Clelia to experiment and re-propose that cramped kitchen, bringing it to a higher level with an extra sweetness.

Poldo 2

$$$ Via Torre Di Mondello, 22/C - 22/D, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual Pizzeria
Another ten years in full swing for the Salvato family, who, with the goodness of their sandwiches, enriched by a wider choice, delighted the palates of young teenagers of the 80s and 90s. Families grew, opportunities to expand were in full swing, and Cilia opened a second restaurant. Poldo 2 was finally born, managed by the young Cilia Salvato. her husband Mimmo Bonito, Nicolò and Calogero. Today Poldo2 is a point of reference in Mondello for tourists and citizens who want to spend important moments with friends and families. Our vast menu offers first-choice dishes, both meat and, above all, fish. Our restaurant has a second raised part with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mondello.

Franco Ristorante Pizzeria

$$ Via Castelforte, 135, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Restaurant "Franco" was born in 2018 from a passion for good food and a constant search for food and wine excellence. The FRAFEDA company gave life to the "Franco" restaurant, made up of the master pizza chef Francesco Perna, the young chef full of experience Danilo Lo Cascio, the great room organizer Federico La Franca and the maître Francesco Spina. Franco's cuisine is guided by a passion for good quality food and attention to every detail. All the products used are carefully selected and cooked in order to enhance their original flavour best. They have been preparing the highest-quality dishes for many years, combining respect for culinary tradition and the new creative cuisine.

La Cantinetta

$$$$ Via Nettuno, 2, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining
La Cantinetta was born in 2000 from a dream of Nonno Salvatore. Our story is of a hereditary passion, a family tradition handed down from father to son, always adding a pinch of innovation. The goal is to create the perfect combination of taste and tradition without forgetting the incursions of innovative flavours. For La Cantinetta, cooking is art, passion and craftsmanship. Sicily is brought to the table, the beautiful Sicily, and its regional variations and at the same time, we wink at the international, inclusive and surprising cuisine. The workhorses are classic dishes of regional cuisine capable of mixing traditions and variations to make them delicious, exciting and at the same time familiar to every palate. The dishes are masterfully prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Ristorante Marino

$$ Via Torre Di Mondello, 26, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Near Mondello, a few steps from the sea, we find Marino, a genuinely casual, glamorous place with great style and great taste, which presents an avant-garde, modern, welcoming location, ready to let you live a different culinary experience. Thanks to the relationship and proximity to the Mediterranean, Marino's cuisine presents a vast selection of daily catches, which take the stage with broad views, overwhelmingly entering the majority of dishes on the menu. You will find everything that is right for you among appetisers, first and second courses. In addition to seafood cuisine, even the pizzas are purely southern in style, with a high crust, leavening for over 72 hours and a softness of the dough that makes your mouth water.

Obica Mozzarella Bar

$$ Via Roma 289 Food Hall 4 Piano Rinascente, 90133, Palermo
Italian Casual Dining
Obicà Mozzarella Bar is an Italian restaurant and pizzeria at the Food Hall 4th Floor of Rinascente Palermo in via Roma. Obicà offers the freshest Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, pizza and traditional Italian dishes in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Mec Restaurant

$$$$ Via Vittorio Emanuele, 452, 90134, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Casual Dining Premium Casual
A unique experience in which the aesthetics of rigor meet the explosive energy of digital conquest. Mec restaurant was born from the idea of an experimental space where to contemplate the artistic vision by declining taste experiences. In the renovated high-tech setting of Palazzo Castrone in the historic center of Palermo, the indications of Chef Carmelo Trentacosti meet with the legendary scenario of the world of Apple collecting.

Enoteca Tuttibrilli

$$$ Via Principe Di Villafranca, 54, 90141, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
In the heart of Palermo, in via Principe di Villafranca 54, Enoteca Tuttibrilli is born, a unique place where cuisine and design are linked to create a warm and elegant environment. An ideal place to find warmth, hospitality, and simplicity; Enoteca Tuttibrilli is not a classic restaurant but a place for meetings and relationships, a simple and refined cuisine, where you can taste a glass of wine, a cocktail, champagne, and a selection of beers, a corner where you can listen to music and relax on the sofa, with tasting evenings and live music. A place where you can breathe the atmosphere of home, in the center of Palermo with a wide selection of wines of the highest quality from all regions of the Italian tradition able to satisfy even the most refined tastes, where for each of about 400 labels every type of wine is squeezed and served by the glass. With a transparent menu within everyone's reach.
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