Best Restaurants in Lecce

Mine & Yours Rooftop

$$$$ Via 47 Reggimento Fanteria, 28, 73100, Lecce
International Elegant & Chic
Perched on the top floor, the “Rooftop”, equipped with a wellness bar, is the ideal place to spend moments of relaxation in absolute privacy and peace in fine weather. An intimate and sophisticated lounge where the metropolitan design is flanked by natural elements like the water of the hydro-massage pool and the flowers of the green wall.

Ristorantino L'acquapazza

$$ Viale G. Leopardi, 128, 73100, Lecce
Italian Casual Dining
Small restaurant of about forty places a few steps from the center. We bring to the table the distinctive elements of Salento, and those of the Mediterranean and its diet. Our every moment relies on the craftsmanship that is the basis of the preparation of the plates of typical cuisine. Homemade cuisine is where the adjective becomes an added value in terms of hospitality, welcome, and typicality. Almost a desire to feel at home. A place to rediscover the typical tastes, fragrances, and sensations of Salento.

Uemé Tastexperience

$$$ Via Don Luigi Sturzo 28, 73100, Lecce
Italian Casual Dining Pizzeria Cocktail Bar
For us, the taste experience is the great research and experimentation in doughs and recipes, no longer a simple garnish but a real immersion in the best products and natural materials of the artisan supply chain. The experience is the Drink, with a beverage card and a selection of drinks in a gastronomic combination with food, and food pairing. From mixology to great Italian craft beers, to wines that are the expression of contemporary Apulian wineries. Sharing in a special, harmonious environment, to enjoy a complete and satisfying experience in every nuance. This for us is the real Tastexperience. "Uemé is time and space, it is enjoying the moment. It is the expectation of taste, it is taking the time to try new flavors, and find together those of classic gastronomy, made of great raw materials and the art of knowing how to treat them with care. It is the sense of the contemporary: experimenting with tradition. "

Il Rifugio Della Buona Stella

$$ Via Leonardo Prato, 28/30, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Family Style
The grandmothers of Salento, those of the past, were women capable of working miracles in front of the stove with the sole power of love and the choice of the most genuine raw materials. Setting up tables like a king, starting with a few spartan ingredients, became a mission that was always possible in their sturdy hands. This is how in 2009 the trattoria "Il Rifugio Della Buona Stella" was born, of the emotional bond for the family and for the good food that grandmother Stella had skillfully transformed into a family-run restaurant. Even more since a few years ago chef Maurizio, with his new management, gave the restaurant a second life, revisiting the best traditional plates with originality and skill.

I Latini

$$$ Via Giuseppe Palmieri, 46, 73100, Lecce
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The I Latini restaurant has always been located in one of the most famous and suggestive streets of the historic center of Lecce. Since we opened the doors of what was then a brewery in 1999, the time has worked with us to create a place that would offer people the familiarity, aromas, and tastes that they feel in their homes. Ours is a restaurant that focuses on the quality of raw materials and the enhancement of traditional cuisine, Salento, and Italian in general. Bring revisited features, which become original paintings on our table. We select the best natural materials to always guarantee quality dishes. Appetizers, first and second courses, side plates, and aperitifs: the menu of I Latini is designed for an enveloping adventure appropriate for all tastes.

Tabisca "il Vico Dei Tagliati"

$$$$ Vico Dietro Lo Spedale Dei Pellegrini 29 In Un Vicolo Presso Piazzetta Santa Chiara, 73100, Lecce
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Tabisca was born from an idea that slowly became a vision: creating a magic place where eating and drinking represent a remarkable experience, in the heart of a beautiful city. A continuous and selective search of our Ian, a man of great culinary experience, with a unique talent and a sincere and reliable Sicilian soul. A small square that looks like a small living room can be reached via an alley from Piazza Santa Chiara. A hidden and welcoming refuge, sheltered from the enthusiasm of a city that is always on, but close to its beating heart. A natural terrace set in the heart of the Lecce Baroque.

A'Roma L'Osteria

$$$ Via Cesare Battisti, 3, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
All our plates are prepared with the highest quality natural materials from our beloved land. Our preparations respect the seasonality of the products and some dishes are prepared and served only on certain days of the week to always guarantee the freshness of the raw material. Coda alla Vaccinara, Pajata, Tripe, and various other courses are prepared with slow cooking methods, as per tradition, exclusively in clay pots and pans. Bringing True Roman Cuisine to Lecce for us means making known the Heart, the flavors, the colors, the heart, and the Aroma of our City.

Vico Del Cuciniere

$$$$ Vicolo Mondo Nuovo, 2/4, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Il Vico del Cuciniere is located near the historic center, a few steps from Piazza Mazzini, near the beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce. The restaurant offers typical Italian, Mediterranean, and contemporary cuisine, with a rich menu based on first and second courses of sea and land. The atmosphere of the Vico del Cuciniere is warm and welcoming, with a refined interior ambiance.

Osteria Degli Spiriti

$$$$ Via Cesare Battisti, 4, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A typical restaurant in the heart of Lecce, the Osteria degli Spiriti has now become a fixed stop for lovers of good food and the most sophisticated gourmets. A restaurant with a pleasant, warm, romantic, and welcoming atmosphere, near the historic city center. At the Osteria degli Spiriti you will find the best Salento and Apulian specialties. Tiziana and Piero, the owners of the restaurant, use high-quality raw materials for their cuisine, coming exclusively from local producers of proven trust and reliability. Let yourself be amazed by a cuisine linked to the territory in which tradition blends, renewing itself, in modernity.



$$$$ Via G. Garibaldi, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Duo restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Lecce, a few steps from Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Sant'Oronzo. The concept of the cuisine of roots is told through the history of the places, natural materials, and typical products of a Salento rich in colors and flavors. The story of land is represented by the dishes of Duo Ristorante. In Duo's dishes, the expression of refined cuisine. An innovative process aspired at creating an extrasensory experience, which takes the taster into a dimension in which taste is the protagonist.

Negroamaro Restaurant

$$$$ Viale Del Risorgimento, 73100, Lecce
Italian Elegant & Chic
In our restaurant, strengthened by the carefully selected natural materials and the creativity of our young chefs, we experiment with new gastronomic techniques related to the traditions of Salento flavors. The menus vary periodically according to the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients to offer you the sun, the sea of Salento and all our passion in each dish. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Lecce and offers an elegant and elegant location, ideal for a dinner with friends or a romantic one.

Il Vico Del Gusto • Ristorante

$$$ Vico Dei Fieschi, 14, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
A stone's throw from the magnetic Basilica of Santa Croce in Lecce, you will find the unmistakable flavors of the typical Salento cuisine of the Il Vico del Gusto restaurant. The culinary traditions of the area meet technique and innovation and generate creative and original dishes. Our main goal has always been to bring to the table the genuineness of our local flavors, which is why we are committed every day to selecting the best products of land and sea with the highest respect for the territory, seasonality, and availability. Surrounded by magnificent Baroque-style buildings, near the municipal villa in Lecce, the Il Vico del Gusto restaurant welcomes you in ancient rooms characterized by vaulted ceilings and guides you on a real sensory journey to discover the Salento of its beauties and its products.

Alex Ristorante

$$ Via Vito Fazzi, 15, 73100, Lecce
Italian Family Style
In the heart of the historic center of Lecce, surrounded by the old and unchanging charm of historic buildings and a few steps from the central Piazza Sant’Oronzo, stands the Alex Restaurant, where creativity and raw materials chase each other in a dance of emotions on the plate. A refined and welcoming environment, enriched by a refined furniture, gives the atmosphere the right balance between warmth and sobriety where, to make the difference, are the dishes coming from the kitchen, the realm of chef Alessandra Civilla, from whom she amazes with a kitchen Mediterranean and contemporary that respects and enhances raw materials by playing with contrasts and imagination. In addition to the large dining room, the restaurant has an outdoor area perfect for lunch or dinner on beautiful spring and summer evenings, enjoying the baroque harmony of the historic center.

L'Ostrica Ubriaca Seafood Bar & Terrazza

$$ Via Taranto, 2, 73100, Lecce
Italian Elegant & Chic
The Ostrica Ubriaca has been a safe place for those who want to taste all the "good" of the sea for 9 years in Lecce and throughout Salento. Here you will find: • Fresh fish • Seafood purified directly at our fish market; • The careful takeaway gastronomy; • Our popular restaurant and the brand new SeaFood, a different and practical format for enjoying fish The Seafood Bar & Terrazza Restaurant in Viale Taranto 2, represents a new way to taste fish in a modern, practical and affordable format in a suggestive location in the heart of Lecce.

Cantiere Hambirreria

$$ Viale Dell'Università, 23, 73100, Lecce
American International Fast Casual
Cantiere Hambirreria is a burger/brewery born in Puglia with an industrial style, specializing in hamburgers of improbable heights and spinning craft beers from all over the world. Cantiere Hambirreria is located in the heart of Lecce.

Terrazza BN

$$ Via XXV Luglio, 13/A, 73100, Lecce
Italian Bistrot
Palazzo BN's Roof Garden is unique in southern Italy: a roof garden opens not only to hotel guests but to all citizens. A panoramic view over the city of Lecce, a unique location for parties, private events, or an aperitif on the roof of a historic building. A true urban park in the historic center of Lecce, ideal for your private events.

SIra Rooftop

$$ Piazzetta Gabriele Riccardi, 13, 73100, Lecce
Italian Cocktail Bar
Sira Rooftop Bar is the place of sunsets and summer nights, where time is still and gives way to awe and wonder. Sira is pure emotions. The most evocative terrace in Lecce, with an amazing view of Santa Croce church, welcomes you when the sun goes down during the beautiful season to offer you a peerless moment, simply unforgettable. On our rooftop, the aperitif is a ritual that fulfills emotion and palate. Let you be guided in a magical experience among signature cocktails and a unique selection of tastes that accompany the view and complete an unmatched beginning of the evening in the heart of Lecce.

Elleniko Ristorante Greco

$$ Viale Dell'Università, 65/B, 73100, Lecce
Greek Family Style
Elleniko is the first Greek restaurant in Lecce in the heart of the Baroque. Greek cuisine - Mediterranean par excellence - boasts meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Allowing all palates to discover the flavors of the most authentic Greece.

La Bocca Bistrot

$$ Via Dei Perroni, 2, 73100, Lecce
Mediterranean Casual Dining
In the heart of the Lecce baroque, immediately under the charm of the ancient Porta San Biagio, the bistro La Bocca wants to be a place of carefree and conviviality, where you can enjoy Mediterranean and contemporary cuisine that aims to combine tradition and creativity by enhancing the quality and freshness of the raw materials that are renewed seasonally. All immersed in an intimate and relaxed environment and the feeling, which most of all we are committed to transmitting, of feeling at home.

Pescheria Con Cottura

$$ Via Dei Mocenigo, 23, 73100, Lecce
Mediterranean Fast Casual
The sea in the beautiful background of Piazza Sant'Oronzo, in the heart of the city of Lecce, the Pescheria con Cottura restaurant welcomes you with the style and taste of Salento. Respecting the Salento gastronomic tradition, the menu is full of vegetable dishes for vegetarians and vegans. You can enjoy some of the most famous dishes from the cuisines of the world. So, next to a tasty fried fish or laganari with mussels you can try ceviche, ahi poke or Moroccan tajine.
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