Best Fine dining Restaurants in Italy

Unìk Restaurant

$$$ Via della Croce, 18, 00187, Rome
Italian Fine dining
A stone's throw from the historic centre of Rome, in the suggestive atmosphere of Via della Croce, and especially from Piazza di Spagna, we find the Unik restaurant. Located in a genuinely characteristic alleyway, the restaurant has an exquisite, refined, romantic and welcoming location. In the heart of Rome, the restaurant offers a varied menu, which interprets the Capitoline culinary tradition, revisiting it, but without affecting tradition. A vast choice, including appetizers, first courses, second courses and desserts. All are accompanied by an artistic and elegant presentation of his dishes, giving dishes a magical and tasty touch.

Savini Milano

$$$$ Via Ugo Foscolo, 5, 20121, Milan
Italian Fine dining
Savini Restaurant is located on the first floor of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, with its entrance from Via Ugo Foscolo n. 5. Its’ rooms, set amongst antique furnishings, boasting the charm of a modern open plan kitchen, welcomes guests from all over the world with the ability to meet different requirements and desires.

L'Ottava Nota

$$$$ Via Butera, 55, 90133, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
In the heart of Palermo, the Ottava Nota Ristorante is a stone's throw from the Cala, the city's ancient port. The cuisine is strongly linked to the territory and therefore also to fish, while the elaborations are extravagant and modern.


$$$$ Via Cassari, 35, 90133, Palermo
Italian Fine dining Fast Food
Gagini Restaurant: innovative Sicilian dishes at km 0 in a modern and elegant frame.


$$$$ Via Judica, 21, 90134, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
Gourmet and traditional restaurant in the historic center of Palermo, a few steps from the cathedral, in the secret Beati Paoli area.

Osteria Dei Vespri

$$$$ Piazza Croce Dei Vespri, 6, 90133, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
The Osteria dei Vespri is located in the historic center of Palermo. One of the dining rooms in this restaurant in a pedestrianised part of town was immortalised in an old film. The menu, on the other hand, moves with the times, featuring modern dishes made from local ingredients.

Seven Restaurant Rooftop Garden

$$$$ Via Roma, 111, 90133, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
A special place in the heart of Palermo, in front of a breathtaking view. The cuisine of the Seven Restaurant Rooftop Garden enhances the colors and flavors of Sicily.

Brunaccini Restaurant

$$$ Piazzetta Lucrezia Brunaccini, 9, 90129, Palermo
Italian Fine dining
In the heart of the old Palermo, behind the ancient Ballarò market, close to the church Casa Professa, Brunaccini restaurant offers excellent and unique local products, both food and wine selected by the chef owner, Carlo Napoli, recipes that revitalize the ancient Sicilian cuisine. A beautiful historical location make Da Carlo at Palazzo Brunaccini Restaurant the perfect place where you can organize your dinners, aperitifs, banquets, exhibits while enjoying the flavors of the local cuisine.

Sapio Restaurant

$$$$ Via Messina, 235, 95129, Catania
Italian Fine dining
This smart restaurant is run by a young couple who really look after their guests – she provides a courteous, elegant welcome front of house, while he’s in the kitchen preparing modern dishes (a feast for the eyes as well as the palate) using fresh ingredients from this magnificent island.

Villa Ducale Restaurant

$$$$ Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 60, 98039, Taormina
Italian Fine dining
Villa Ducale is one of the best fish restaurants in Taormina where you can taste exquisite Sicilian cuisine.

Villa Carlotta Restaurant

$$$$ Via Luigi Pirandello, 81, 98039, Taormina
Italian Fine dining
Offering a slice of an idyllic Sicilian citrus garden, hidden in a splendid panoramic rooftop terrace overlooking the sea and the volcano Etna, Villa Carlotta Restaurant is a tranquil space that has been designed to give its guest a place to experience the treasures of Sicily surrounded by beauty.

St. George Restaurant By Heinz Beck

$$$$ Viale S. Pancrazio, N. 46, 98039, Taormina
Italian Fine dining
The most exclusive Restaurant of The Ashbee Hotel with a superb sea view, in the centre of Taormina.

Don Camillo Restaurant

$$$$ Via Della Maestranza, 96, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
Discover a rare pearl of the Mediterranean at the Don Camillo Restaurant in Syracuse. This excellent venue promises an authentic and sophisticated culinary experience, gracefully merging Sicilian culinary tradition with a sophisticated contemporary interpretation. The quality of raw materials at Don Camillo is unparalleled. We select only the best local ingredients, focusing on fresh and seasonal products. Locally caught seafood, vegetables grown in the fertile lands of Sicily, and artisan-produced cheeses and wines combine to create dishes of intense and intoxicating flavours. The mastery of Chef Giovanni Guarnieri is reflected in the culinary preparations, where dedication to the culinary arts is expressed in attention to detail and sophisticated presentation. The menu's variety offers a selection of traditional and innovative recipes. Savour dishes such as pasta with sardines or Sicilian-style swordfish rolls, or venture into culinary innovations such as seafood risotto with a sprinkling of candied orange. The service at Don Camillo is an experience unto itself. Our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to providing an unmatched experience, welcoming each guest with warmth and professionalism. The personnel will guide you through our wine list, suggesting perfect pairings for each dish. But Don Camillo Restaurant is more than a restaurant - it's a place where quality is a philosophy permeating every service aspect. The elegant decor, refined background music selection, and warm and welcoming lighting - every element is carefully curated to create a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. A visit to the Don Camillo Restaurant in Ortigia, Syracuse, is a journey through the flavours of Sicily. This unforgettable culinary experience merges with the charm of tradition and the excitement of innovation—an unmissable gastronomic experience for anyone visiting Syracuse.

MOON - Move Ortigia Out Of Normality

$$$ Via Roma, 112, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
MOON: Move Ortigia Out of Normality is a vegan restaurant and cultural center in Ortigia, Syracuse.

Onda Blu Restaurant

$$$ Via Elorina, 13, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
The Onda blu restaurant is a terrace overlooking the sea: the beautiful spot, in addition to giving a breathtaking view, also becomes a pleasant sensory experience.

Civico 25

$$$$ Via Malta, 25, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
Civico 25 is located on the island of Ortigia in Syracuse, one of the most interesting places in Sicily with a thousand-year history. The welcoming atmosphere is the pleasant background that accompanies a cuisine rich in typical local specialties, all prepared with the freshest ingredients.

La Terrazza Sul Mare

$$$$ Grand Hotel Ortigia, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 12, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
La Terrazza Sul Mare is located in Ortigia, Syracuse. A restaurant with seafood specialties that offers a breathtaking landscape of the sea.

Porta Marina Restaurant

$$$$ Via Dei Candelai, 35, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
Discover the refined seafood menu proposed by Salvo Di Mauro of the Porta Marina Restaurant. Traditional fish specialties of Syracuse in the heart of Ortigia.

Osteria Il Moro

$$$ Via Garibaldi, 86, 91100, Trapani
Italian Fine dining
Osteria Il Moro can be found in a friendly, accommodating and refined location, right in the heart of the historic center of Trapani. It’s also just a few steps away from the boardwalk.

Ristorante StraVento

$$$$ Viale Delle Sirene, 15, 91100, Trapani
Italian Fine dining
The restaurant is situated in a historical point of Trapani, StraVento is a suggestive location, that leans out on the sea.
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