Best Restaurants in Novello

Langotto Ristorante

$$$$ Via Giordano, 8, 12060, Novello
Italian International European Fine dining Premium Casual
Amid Novello's rolling hills and verdant vineyards, the Langotto Ristorante emerges as an ode to Piemonte's gastronomic heritage. Elegantly poised in the heart of this picturesque town, Langotto not only pays tribute to the region's culinary traditions but also embraces the artistry and innovation of modern Italian cuisine. The building's facade, drenched in warm hues of terracotta and adorned with classic Italian motifs, offers a glimpse into the establishment's soul – a harmonious blend of time-honoured charm and contemporary finesse. The ambience is inviting inside: ambient lighting dances off soft linen tablecloths, while rustic wooden fixtures resonate with tales of a storied past. At Langotto, the menu stands as a canvas of Piemonte's gastronomic landscape. Every dish, meticulously crafted, sings praises of the region's bounty. From succulent white truffles delicately garnishing homemade pasta to the robust flavours of the prized Piemontese beef, every bite promises an unforgettable journey for the palate. While traditional recipes like 'Vitello Tonnato' and 'Agnolotti del Plin' are celebrated, the culinary maestros at Langotto aren't shy of introducing avant-garde creations, artfully fusing global techniques with local ingredients.
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