Best Restaurants in Cetona

Osteria Del Merlo

$$$ Via Sobborgo, 53040, Cetona
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Among olive trees, vineyards and centuries-old cypresses, surrounded by the intense green and yellow ocher of the hills of the Val di Chiana, lies Cetona, an ancient village in the province of Siena nestled on the slopes of the imposing mountain that bears its name. In the heart of the town is set, as the imposing rule, its main square overlooked by the church and artisan shops, where young, old and tourists stroll and where the elegant medieval Tower of the Rivellino stands. L'Osteria del Merlo is a refined meat and fish restaurant open for lunch and dinner at the base of its muscular walls. In these places with a magical atmosphere, recently renovated and equipped with an ample outdoor space during the summer, Daniele and Elisa are waiting for you to offer you an always new menu, made up of refined and genuine dishes combined with the rich and fine selection of Italian wines and not only. When a chef knows how to combine modern recipes and ancient flavours expertly, bold culinary combinations and precious tricks from popular tradition, a unique and never banal menu is born, composed of creative and original dishes which, however, speak of the territory and its thousand-year history. Elisa takes care of her proposals with mastery and dedication, both from an aesthetic and nutritional point of view, trying to embrace the simplest tastes and the most demanding palates. You will discover a menu of fresh and colourful appetizers, exquisite handmade pasta, tasty second courses and delicious desserts that look like miniature works of art.

Ristorante Da Nilo

$$ Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 31/34, 53040, Cetona
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
In the heart of Cetona, a quaint Tuscan town with a backdrop of rolling hills and cypress trees, lies Ristorante da Nilo—a treasure trove of culinary delights synonymous with authenticity. This establishment embodies the essence of Tuscany, offering a dining experience that is as genuine as it is enchanting. From the moment you step into Ristorante da Nilo, it's evident that this isn't just a place to eat but a journey into the rich tapestry of Tuscan gastronomy. The interiors, featuring traditional stonework, rustic wooden beams, and intimate seating, transport diners to a bygone era, setting the tone for a truly immersive experience. The menu at Ristorante da Nilo is a love letter to Tuscany. Each dish, meticulously crafted using the freshest local ingredients, reflects the region's abundant produce and age-old culinary traditions. Whether it's the aromatic truffles of Cetona, the succulent meats, or the hand-made pasta drenched in flavorful sauces, every bite tells a story of the land and its people. But it's not just about the food. The wine list at da Nilo is a curator's dream, showcasing the finest wines from Tuscany's renowned vineyards. Every bottle has been chosen to harmoniously complement the dishes, making each meal a symphony of flavours that dance harmoniously on the palate.
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