Best Restaurants in Alberobello

Ristorante "Il Poeta Contadino"

$$$$ Via Indipendenza, 25, 70011, Alberobello
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
The fireplace, the arches, and the imposing stone walls recreate the setting of a medieval court. In this suggestive climate, the main dishes of the ancient Apulian tradition are offered. The cuisine is typical of regional inspiration, in it, ancient tradition and creativity are extremely intertwined, in an original and creative synthesis. In the kitchen Leonardo is validly supported by the chef Franco Palasciano, his pupil since the early 80s; in the dining room, the omnipresent Leonardo is flanked by his son Cosimo, and by his daughters Emma and Madia who personally take care of the guests, establishing a cordial and direct relationship with the customers of the restaurant. The presentation of the refined proposals on the menu is in line with the philosophy of the patron Leonardo, who personally takes care of it. The wines are jealously preserved in an ancient well-created room where they rest in the darkness in an air-conditioned atmosphere.

Favola In Tavola Ristorante

$$$$ Via Brigata Regina, 37, 70011, Alberobello
Italian International Mediterranean Premium Casual
A stone's throw from the historic center of Alberobello, Favola in Tavola is the heir to a long culinary history, today revisited, based on the cult of good food and excellent products. We like to personally select only fresh and top-quality ingredients. Quality makes a difference in everything, especially in the kitchen. Cooking for us is an act of love, part of a journey that starts from afar, from our origins. A cuisine that is the result of dedication and experience, genuineness and genuineness. Simple, like the typical ingredients of the land of Puglia, from particularly tasty vegetables to wines from the cellars of the Itria Valley. Our dishes wisely evoke the flavors and feelings of the past, never forgotten, mixing taste, elegance, and innovation. A constantly evolving story, which you can find in the intimacy of our room. A remarkable place. Refined and refined, able to amaze and enchant with its position in the heart of the capital of the Trulli.

Ristorante "La Nicchia"

$$$ SS172, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
La Nicchia restaurant entirely built in a complex of owned Trulli is a real point of reference for local inhabitants and tourists in Alberobello and Puglia. The Niche that inspired the name of the restaurant is a small recess in the stone wall that usually contains sacred statues. For this reason, it is considered a typical architectural detail but also a value of Christian tradition and popular culture. La Nicchia lets you taste the spirit of Apulian food and wine, with typical traditional dishes made of vegetables, legumes, fresh pasta, local meats and fish, almond sweets, delicate wines, and extra virgin olive oil. The Chef will be happy to let you taste the menus of the local gastronomic tradition, guaranteeing the freshness of the foods that are always in season. Do not forget to ask for the pizza to choose from our varied assortment and the typical cheeses of the land of the Trulli and the Puglia region (burrata, stracciatella, mozzarella, local stracchino, etc.).

Ristorante EVO

$$$$ Via Giovanni XXIII, 1, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Evo is directly linked to the territory, having in the name the acronym of one of the symbolic products of Puglia, extra virgin olive oil, (produced for decades by the Matarrese family). It recalls the idea of ​​Evoluzione and the desire to fuse the ancient charm of peasant flavors with the most modern and refined tastes. Everything starts from the study of the best raw materials that the territory can offer making use of the local artisans who, daily, carry out exemplary work for us. Evo is in Alberobello, the world capital of the Trulli where the stone regains vitality and arouses sensations of brightness, family warmth, hospitality, and energy. From here a kitchen is born, which draws inspiration from tradition, the true value of our territory, for a phase of experimentation, play, study, and attention to detail. Evo is organic with its vegetable garden and the choice of only Apulian wines, coming from local micro-productions, far from large-scale distribution.

Ristorante Trullo D'Oro

$$$$ Via F. Cavallotti, 27, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The menu follows the seasonal cycle of local products, always changing in the various courses. The strong point of the restaurant is the appetizer: an itinerant gastronomic journey through the most varied flavors of our land and our seas. The memorable sensory journey that we are about to take you on will introduce you to the first and second courses, dishes of uncontested excellence and territoriality. The exaltation of a dish finds its perfection in the union with the right wine pairing. A journey through the most important regional and national vineyards will thrill you and transport you to native lands and scents. The spasmodic attention to the gastronomic history of his landmarks the personality of the chef and owner of the restaurant Davide Girolamo, which is reflected in the dishes designed and created by himself with the precious partnership of his team: accuracy in presentation, clear flavors, and the excellence of raw materials mix the essence of true Apulian cuisine where land, scents, and climate find exaltation.

Ristorante "L'Aratro" Di Domenico Laera

$$$$ Via Monte S. Michele, 27, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style
The restaurant housed in Trulli dating back to 1400 is located in the heart of the historic center of Alberobello. The interiors, respecting the ancient building, let you see the conical structure in stone, where you can immerse yourself in a sort of peasant museum, were looking at the walls you can observe: plow, baskets, coal iron, cowbells, Cunzapiatt, and Capasaun. The terrace, a magical place, lets you see the bell towers of the basilica and at the same time you can touch the Chianche that covers the cones of the Trulli. In this rustic setting, mainly traditional Apulian dishes are offered. The strictly regional cuisine in its tradition and imagination form a combination of unique and genuine dishes as it once was. In the kitchen, Domenico is flanked by chefs Giuseppe De Leonardis and Cosimo Zaccaria who, under the careful supervision of the owner, transform all the products of the land that our farmers grow in the fields surrounding Alberobello into succulent dishes. In the dining room, together with his experience as a well-known sommelier, Domenico Laera has Cosimo Miraglia and Giovanni Bagordo who personally take care of the guests, establishing a cordial and direct relationship with those who want to immerse themselves in the discovery of ancient and forgotten flavors. In the cellar supplied by strictly Apulian producers, more than one hundred labels are collected in the menu, giving space to native vines.

Il Guercio Di Puglia

$$$ Via Imbriani, 6, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Il Guercio di Puglia is a wonderful pizzeria located among the Trulli of the charming Alberobello, located in the heart of the Itria Valley, surrounded by the beauties of the Apulian land. This restaurant boasts a location in full ancient style, with stone walls and a breathtaking view of the beautiful town. The products used by Guercio Di Puglia are only of the highest quality, tested, and selected by our chefs and pizza makers, who create and invent behind-the-scenes for the palates of our diners. The menu is vast and ranges from the Apulian tradition, from pasta to fried fish, passing through appetizers based on land and sea, to conclude with a vast menu of pizzas, to leave you breathless.

Pizzeria "Basilico Rosso"

$$$ Via 7 Liberatori Della Selva, 11, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
The combination of ingredients, the charm of the Trulli, the flavor of salads and appetizers, and homemade desserts: everything contributes, from Red Basil to creating a unique experience capable of enhancing the taste of our gourmet pizzas. Our pizzeria is located between the splendid ancient walls of the city of Alberobello, surrounded by the Trulli and the ancient white alleys that surround the city. Basilico Rosso represents the excellence of pizza, the taste of the gourmet, the excellence of the products, and the discovery of new flavors that meet and mix to create a five-star culinary experience.

Terra Mossa Ristorante Pizzeria

$$$ Via Indipendenza, 4, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Premium Casual Pizzeria
Terra Mossa is a pizza restaurant on the outskirts of the valley of the Trulli. The colors, scents, and flavors of an authentic land leave room for imagination. Our revisited dishes and our best homemade products make Terra Mossa the flagship of the Itria Valley. Ours is a modern cuisine, revisited that does not affect the oldest of the Apulian culinary traditions, leaving intact the most classic flavor of our land.

Ristorante "Trullo Dei Sapori"

$$$ Piazza Antonio Curri, Numero 3, 70011, Alberobello
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style
In the heart of Alberobello, Ristorante Trullo dei Sapori is an ode to the region's rich gastronomic heritage and iconic Trulli architecture. "Trullo dei Sapori" translates to "Trullo of Flavours," and true to its name, the restaurant promises an array of dishes that tantalize the palate, all set within the enchanting ambience of a traditional Trullo. At Ristorante Trullo dei Sapori, expect to be treated to conventional Apulian cuisine with a touch of modernity: Appetizers: Begin with a spread of local cheeses, including creamy burrata and sharp pecorino, paired with prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes, all sourced from local artisans. Signature Pasta Dishes: Revel in Puglia's pasta traditions, featuring orecchiette with turnip tops or cavatelli with fresh seafood. Mains: Whether it's a perfectly grilled local fish, a tender lamb chop, or a flavorful vegetable medley, the restaurant focuses on ingredients of the highest quality and preparation that respects their natural flavours. Seasonal Specials: Depending on the season, expect dishes crafted from the freshest local ingredients, truffles, artichokes, or sea urchins. Authentic Trullo Setting: Dine within the thick stone walls and conical roofs of a genuine Trullo, experiencing Alberobello's architectural legacy firsthand.

Trattoria "Terra Madre"

$$$ Piazza Sacramento, 17, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
An old house of seven trulli was initially the headquarters of our incoming tour operator Charming Tours, and then became the breakfast room for the widespread hotel Rione Pentimi. Encouraged by the guests' requests for the overall hotel, it became a restaurant after a few years. The kitchen has taken the place of the old stable, while the small rooms of the trattoria sit under the cones of the Trulli or overlooking the rows in a welcoming, familiar atmosphere for a few close friends, where you experience the warmth of a host family your friends, where the story and the story of each simple dish becomes a reason for pleasant conversations and cultural exchange with simple words to replicate at home. Years of travelling abroad between different "cuisines", sometimes too fast and hasty and often unhealthy, have given birth to a strong desire in me to make known the true, and sometimes even extreme, taste of healthy, pure and genuine vegetables combined with simple and now forgotten dishes. For these reasons, the intentional and targeted choice from the outset was to serve unpretentious dishes, marrying new preparation techniques, low temperatures, steam cooking, the search for crunchiness, little frying and the absence of butter or vegetable fats. A welcome of raw vegetables at the beginning of meals in the summer, soups and velvety soups in winter, carpaccio of vegetables and legumes, combined with real temptations coming exclusively from the Alberobello countryside. Family-run farms and farms produce homemade bread delivered hot in the morning, prepared with sourdough and "senator hats" flour, slightly bitter goat cheeses, lean and fragrant capocollo, cured meats, burrata, ricotta, scamorza.

Ristorante Il Pinnacolo

$$ Via Monte Nero, 30, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The restaurant pizzeria il Pinnacolo was born in August 2001. It is a typical restaurant and stands in the magical atmosphere of the trulli area in Via Monte Nero, the oldest and most fascinating street in Alberobello with its panoramic view. The restaurant is family-run and consists of small trulli rooms, a tavern, a terrace and a scenic garden where it is possible to taste typical local dishes prepared with simplicity and genuineness. We are pleased to bring to your attention some of our regular words able to cheer the stay of the many tourists who visit our country, undoubtedly eager to associate the pleasant tour through the trulli of Alberobello, even a delicious meal in compliance with the ancient Apulian culinary traditions. The presence of old flavours that distinguish our cuisine, which has always been committed, with passion, to satisfy every requirement, is thus evident.

Ristorante Fidelio

$$$ Contrada Popoleto 12 SS 172 Dei Trulli, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Nestled in the picturesque town of Alberobello, Ristorante Fidelio offers a harmonious blend of traditional Apulian cuisine and contemporary flavours. Housed within the iconic Trulli structures, the restaurant is a beacon for locals and tourists searching for an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. Ristorante Fidelio celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Puglia: Starters: Dive into appetizers featuring the freshest mozzarella and burrata, served alongside olives and locally cured meats. Traditional Pasta: The pasta dishes shine, with orecchiette, cavatelli, and other classic Apulian forms served with robust sauces, whether a meat ragù or a fresh seafood medley. Iconic Trulli Ambiance: Dining inside a traditional Trullo structure provides an atmosphere characterized by conical roofs, whitewashed walls, and centuries-old history. Cosy Interiors: Warm lighting, wooden accents, and soft music create a welcoming environment that feels both intimate and inviting.

Trullo Del Conte Ristorante Pizzeria

$$ Via Cadore, 3/B, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Trullo del Conte, situated in the heart of Alberobello, brings together the best of Apulian culinary traditions with a particular focus on pizzas. Housed within an authentic trulli structure, the restaurant offers a blend of rustic charm and modern dining comfort, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Pizzas: The highlight of Trullo del Conte. Hand-stretched dough topped with the finest locally sourced ingredients, such as fresh mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes, and aromatic herbs. Varieties range from classic Margherita to those adorned with Apulian specialities like burrata or roasted vegetables. Traditional Pasta: Orecchiette, cavatelli, and other regional pasta served with hearty sauces – rich ragùs, fresh seafood, or simple tomato and basil. Trulli Setting: Dining in a trulli is a unique experience: the stone walls, conical roofs, and historic ambience transport diners to another era. Warm Interiors: Rustic wooden beams, terracotta tiles, and stone tables provide a cosy and intimate dining atmosphere. The soft and warm lighting creates a romantic setting perfect for evening dinners.

Ristorante "Trullo Garden"

$$ Via Piave, 35, 70011, Alberobello
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Located in the iconic town of Alberobello, renowned for its trulli buildings, Ristorante Trullo Garden offers patrons an immersive experience in Apulian gastronomy. Nestled amidst a picturesque garden setting, the restaurant melds the enchantment of nature with the region's rich culinary traditions. Traditional Dishes: Rooted in Puglia's traditions, expect dishes like Orecchiette with turnip tops, Cavatelli with fresh tomato and basil, and Fave e Cicorie (fava bean puree with chicory). Fresh Seafood: Being close to the coast, the restaurant likely offers a selection of Adriatic seafood delights. The menu could feature grilled octopus, calamari, and various fish dishes. Grilled Specialties: Puglia is also known for its meats. Lamb, pork, and beef dishes might be served, perhaps flavoured with local herbs and olive oil. Garden Setting: True to its name, Ristorante Trullo Garden likely offers diners the opportunity to enjoy their meal surrounded by lush greenery, perhaps with the gentle sounds of nature or water features adding to the ambience. Traditional Trulli Architecture: The restaurant may be housed in or surrounded by trulli structures, adding a rustic and historical charm to the dining experience.

CIBUM - Macelleria Ristogrill

$$$ Vico G. Paisiello, 25, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Casual Dining
Situated in the heart of Alberobello, known for its unique trulli structures, CIBUM - Macelleria Ristogrill is a hybrid establishment marries the traditional butcher shop with a grill-focused restaurant. This blend offers diners an authentic farm-to-table experience, emphasizing the quality and freshness of meats. Butcher's Selection: As a "Macelleria" or butcher shop, expect a showcase of fresh cuts of beef, possibly including local specialities. Diners might have the unique experience of selecting their cut of meat to be cooked to their preference. Grill Specialties: The "Ristogrill" element strongly emphasises grilled dishes. Expect steaks, lamb chops, sausages, and some regional meats grilled to perfection. These would likely be paired with locally sourced vegetables and seasonings. Rustic Elegance: Combining the raw appeal of a butcher shop with the sophistication of a fine dining establishment, the ambience would be a balance of rustic charm and modern elegance. Open Grill Concept: There may be an open grill area where diners can watch the chefs in action, adding to the immersive dining experience.
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