Best Restaurants in Monopoli


$$$ Via Santa Maria, 52, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
On the Santa Maria seafront, between the city's ancient walls, close to the pristine sea of Monopoli, the "Carlo Quinto" will enchant you with its colours, scents and unique atmosphere. Attention to detail, freshness and quality are the essential musts of the restaurant. From breakfasts in the morning to exquisite aperitifs, through succulent lunches and delicious dinners, the freshness and genuineness of its products will seduce even the most refined palates. To make everything even more magical, the sea breeze will take care of it, between the alternation of sunrise and sunset over the sea, which will gently caress you in absolute relaxation. Unmissable in the moonlight, the fresh and tasty cocktails on the wall. The culinary experience for each of us is essential during a holiday. We are talking about the goodness and quality of the various courses and underline the experience of enjoying a good dish in a context with a sea view. This is possible in Carlo Quinto. Puglia has a deeply rooted culinary tradition: the typical Apulian cuisine is very famous throughout Italy, and in addition to the usual dishes, dishes based on fresh fish appear and make their way which takes on various variations depending on the different fishing locations. After a day on the boat or beach, nothing is better than ending the evening in style with an excellent dinner and a sea view.

Porta De Mä

$$$$ Largo Giuseppe Garibaldi, 21, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Porta De Mä is a story that unites sea and tradition: two worlds that meet, mix and enrich each other. Wonderfully set in the historic centre of Monopoli, a few steps from the ancient port, our restaurant tells a journey of flavours: a unique gastronomic proposal. When a quality raw material meets the freshness of our cuisine, something extraordinary always happens. Territory and creativity: start your journey to discover Porta De Mä. The incredible freshness of the raw materials, especially the daily catch that arrives on the restaurant's counters, is still alive. The refinement and wisdom in the hands of the chef, the elegance of the place, which with these lights and these light walls, creates a harmonious, elegant, almost mysterious contrast, in which to enjoy the goodness of the food and admire the culinary art.

Garibaldi Steakhouse

$$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 70, 70043, Monopoli
Italian American Casual Dining Family Style
Garibaldi Steakhouse, situated in the picturesque town of Monopoli, offers a unique dining experience that bridges the gap between traditional Italian flavours and the robustness of a classic steakhouse. Named after the iconic Italian national hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the restaurant pays homage to the unity of varied culinary traditions, much like Garibaldi's efforts to unify Italy. Garibaldi Steakhouse is, at its heart, a celebration of meat, particularly beef. Visitors to the restaurant might expect: Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina): A T-bone steak sourced from local farms, grilled to perfection over an open flame and seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Tagliata: Sliced steak served on a bed of fresh arugula, topped with shaved Parmesan and possibly a balsamic glaze. Braciole: Rolled meat filled with cheese, breadcrumbs, and herbs, slow-cooked in a rich tomato sauce. The atmosphere at Garibaldi Steakhouse might fuse the rustic charm of Monopoli's historic buildings with sophisticated modern touches. Original stone walls could be juxtaposed with contemporary artwork, while wooden beams and sleek lighting fixtures coexist harmoniously.

Komera - Cucina Nostra

$$$ Via Barbacana, 79, 70043, Monopoli
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Founded on the passion of professionals, the camera is the right place to cross the past and the future of traditional Apulian cuisine—a strong bond with this land of the sea. Raw materials come down to "compromises" with creativity, and the love of Puglia makes it a philosophy of life. Innovative tradition, yes, but always with respect. Because the authentic soul of Komera demonstrates that a future made of creative taste is born from the beauty of the territory and its history. Destined to last. komera? How will it be? Questions about recipes from the past duet on the table with visions of the future. Our cuisine is a story to be preserved, an account to be handed down and a resource that can be continually innovated and savoured from different points of view. Our menu was born from this reflection. Appetizers to start feeling at home. First courses for a taste experience that leads to the heart of every kitchen. Second, studies of sea and land capture the nuances of tradition that meet experimentation. Illustrious pizzas with diversified doughs and long leavening to dive into the secrets of raw materials. Sweets for a satisfied smile at the end of the meal that already makes one imagine the return.

Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria Al Borgo

$$ Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 39, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Nestled in the heart of Monopoli, Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria al Borgo stands as a celebration of traditional Apulian culinary arts, representing a magnetic blend of authenticity and sophistication. Its unique name suggests a confluence of orientations, possibly a nod to both the classic and the contemporary, the local and the global. Guests stepping into this establishment can likely expect a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas true to the soul of Puglia. Some potential highlights from the menu might include Cavatelli alle Cozze: Freshly-made cavatelli pasta tossed with mussels, cherry tomatoes, and white wine. Involtini di Carne: Delicate meat rolls filled with local cheeses, breadcrumbs, and herbs, slow-cooked to perfection—Pesce Spada alla Griglia: Grilled swordfish steak, perhaps served with a refreshing citrus and caper sauce. Upon entering Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria al Borgo, diners might be greeted with a harmonious blend of rustic charm and refined elegance. Exposed brick walls could complement modern art pieces, while vintage wooden tables could be adorned with sleek, contemporary tableware.

La Posteria

$$ Via Capitano Pirrelli, 4, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The La Posteria restaurant with American bar offers a location with a refined aesthetic and elegant and modern architecture with innovative and traditional cuisine: the La Posteria restaurant demonstrates how all this can coexist in a single space. One year after its opening, the La Posteria restaurant is confirmed as one of the local excellences. Located in Monopoli, near the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and a stone's throw from the historic centre of the city, it is a point of reference for tourists from all over the world and beyond: they are much appreciated by the entire local and neighbouring community. On TripAdvisor, you can find La Posteria among the top 3 restaurants in the city out of 260. The result is the staff's commitment and love for this work. Attention to the customer, discretion and professionalism are the flagships. If you are wondering where to eat in Monopoli, the answer is in Posteria!

Ristorante Piazza Palmieri

$$$ Largo Palmieri, 3, 70043, Monopoli
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
As its name suggests, Ristorante Piazza Palmieri might be in or around the iconic Piazza Palmieri, enveloped by the historic ambience of Monopoli. This restaurant, rooted deeply in the region's traditions, potentially stands as a beacon of Apulian culinary heritage while embracing modern gastronomic influences. Diners at Ristorante Piazza Palmieri would likely be treated to an authentic Apulian dining experience. The menu might boast a blend of timeless classics and innovative dishes. Here's a potential snapshot of their offerings: Crudo di Mare: A selection of the freshest seafood, served raw, celebrating the bounties of the Adriatic Sea. Tiramisù al Limone: A unique take on the classic Italian dessert, introducing the zestiness of lemons. Imagine stepping into a space where the essence of Monopoli's historic streets is captured within four walls. Ristorante Piazza Palmieri might showcase vaulted stone ceilings, possibly reminding visitors of the town's ancient structures. The walls could be adorned with black and white photographs showcasing Monopoli's history, bridging the gap between the past and present.

Hostaria De Don Juan

$$$ Via Sallustio, 15, 70043, Monopoli
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
The Hostaria de Don Juan represents a milestone in the heart of the wonderful Monopoli. Just a few steps away, as you enter the city's historic centre, you will find the Hostaria in a white open space in the city walls. The Iberian culture blends with the Apulian tradition in a place where cuisine and tradition are the masters. At Don Juan, you will find the best dishes of the Spanish tradition, including tapas at the beginning of the meal, followed by many types of paella, a selection of fine meats, and above all, the Rubia Gallega, one of the most renowned meats in the Iberian country, and many other delicacies arrived directly from Spain. A suggestive location, in full Spanish style, with paintings and tents that highlight the country's history; moreover, in the spring and summer seasons, you will find an open space where you can eat within the walls of the old houses in the historic centre of Monopoli.

Trattoria Il Brigante

$$$ Via Cavaliere, 17, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
In one of Monopoli's charming and winding streets, Trattoria il Brigante offers patrons an authentic and intimate culinary experience reflective of Puglia's rich gastronomic heritage. The name, which translates to "The Brigand," might hint at a rustic and rebellious spirit, perfectly embodying the robust and hearty flavours of the region. Trattoria il Brigante is deeply rooted in traditional Puglian cuisine, offering dishes passed down through generations yet presented with a contemporary touch. Potential offerings may include Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa: The iconic Puglian pasta paired with turnip tops, anchovies, and a hint of chilli, resulting in a plate bursting with contrasting flavours. Braciola di Cavallo: A regional speciality, this horse meat roll is filled with cheese, parsley, and garlic, then simmered in a rich tomato sauce. Fave e Cicorie: A humble yet flavorful dish of pureed fava beans served with bitter greens sautéed in garlic and olive oil. Walking into Trattoria il Brigante might feel like stepping into a bygone era. Stone walls, dim lighting from vintage lanterns, and wooden beams could dominate the decor. The atmosphere would be accentuated with classic Italian melodies in the background, transporting diners to a nostalgic space.

La Locanda Sul Porto

$$$ Via Cristoforo Colombo, 10/11, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Situated in the heart of Monopoli's picturesque old harbour, La Locanda sul Porto offers guests an authentic dining experience with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. This seafront establishment melds the essence of Puglia's coastal charm with culinary delights, establishing itself as a cherished locale for residents and tourists alike. La Locanda sul Porto emphasizes the richness of the Mediterranean diet, particularly spotlighting the sea's bounty. Diners can expect dishes that showcase the freshest ingredients and the region's profound flavours. Highlights might include Crudo di Mare: A raw seafood platter that features the day's best catch, from red prawns to sea urchins, each piece providing a taste of the pristine Adriatic waters. Risotto ai Frutti di Mare: Creamy risotto adorned with an assortment of seafood, from mussels to clams, masterfully cooked to deliver a symphony of textures and tastes. Orata al Forno: Oven-baked sea bream seasoned with local herbs and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, highlighting the fish's natural flavours. La Locanda sul Porto boasts an ambience that mirrors the serene beauty of Monopoli's harbour. The decor might be dominated by marine motifs, with hints of nautical blues and whites, and adorned with marine paraphernalia, recalling the town's maritime heritage.

Ristorante Lido Bianco

$$$$ Via Procaccia, 4, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Elegant & Chic
Since 1947 the history of our family is linked to that of Lidobianco Restaurant. Together we have spent a long journey of life and professional growth that has become over the years a relationship of absolute identity with one of the most beautiful Apulian locals on the sea, now part of the history of our town: Monopoli! Unforgettable events in a unique and sophisticated location. Our modern indoor dining room and its outdoor garden facing the sea will be the perfect background for any of your events. Birthday party, anniversary, bachelorette and bachelor party, business dinner and any kind of private event.


$$$$ Contrada Losciale, 63, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Fine dining
An ineffably discreet design, where Saleblu is seemingly encased in glass for uninterrupted sea views, and the wood dining terrace is shaded with a sweep of white canvas sails. Contemplate the calm blue scene, and prepare to dine like a nobleman on sophisticated Apulian cuisine prepared with the soul of generosity. The lounge bar overlooking La Peschiera’s private beach, is somewhere to sip chilled champagne and toast your surroundings, or an iced oyster martini as an avant-garde choice to compliment crudo, Apulian sushi.

SIR Special Italian Roots

$$ Via Cosimo Turi, 1B, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Pizzeria
A pizzeria and a restaurant. SIR Special Italian Roots is a story made of precious origins. This is why for each dish a method of preparation is used that respects the food: only what the planet offers, season after season, cooked on the spot; with the shopping made by choosing the best merchants. And also a touch of ingenuity and creativity to make every dish appetizing even before the palate, for the eyes. SIR is located in Monopoli.

My Wine - Il Piacere Del Palato

$$$ Via Cavaliere, 9, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
My Wine: is located in Monopoli (Bari, Puglia), where you can eat well according to the season from fish and meat dishes to the best local products of Apulian cuisine and international specialties. All were selected with great care and prepared with innovative cooking methods such as low temperature. With a wine list in which wineries and prestigious national and transalpine wines alternate with new realities of value on the local and international wine scene. An intimate, romantic, elegant, and at the same time welcoming environment.

Gaia Osteria Popolare

$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 68, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
Gaia Osteria Popolare is located in the historic center of Monopoli. Gaia is a pub for everyone. Ready to invert keeping the origins of traditional cuisine, giving life to new colors and shapes to taste. With the typical traditional Apulian cuisine it keeps alive the traditions of its land but with a little bit of innovation.

Brasserie D'Avril

$$ Via Vittorio Veneto, 16E, 70043, Monopoli
Italian International European Fast Food
Brasserie D'Avril is the only 100% Belgian Pub in Puglia with a Crunchy taste! "Crunchy" sandwiches with a square flavor with a square Hamburger, feel everything from the first to the last bite. Brasserie D'Avril is located in Monopoli not far from Piazza S. Antonio.

Il Guazzetto

$$ Via Dell'Erba 39/41, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Fast Casual
Il Guazzetto restaurant is located in the historic center of Monopoli, a few steps from Largo Fontanelle. Il Guazzetto is the creator of a new restaurant concept where the source of inspiration is the sea and our creativity the leitmotif of our cuisine. An entertaining trip through the Apulian gastronomic specialties and cuisine of the original source, simple and genuine, made of the authentic flavors of the fish of our sea and contaminated only by the fragrant spices of the Mediterranean...

La Torretta Del Pescatore

$$$$ Via Procaccia, 191, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
La Torretta Del Pescatore is located in Monopoli. Refined cuisine, quality raw materials, selected wines, elegant and intimate setting, hospitality and courtesy. The search for high-quality raw materials with a profound Mediterranean inspiration characterizes our menu. The rich fish counter, fresh every day, the fine wine list, and the confidential and comfortable environment make our restaurant the ideal place for lovers of good food.

Masseria Paretano Restaurant

$$$$ SP1, Contrada Paretano, 284, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
Masseria Paretanoby Ronn Moss is located in the Canale di Pirro valley just a few minutes from Alberobello and not far from Monopoli. The kitchen offers typical dishes of the Apulian tradition, in a garden with a breathtaking view.
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