Best Restaurants in Martina Franca


$$ Via Arco Fumarola, 2, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Premium Casual
In the baroque heart of Martina Franca, between white alleys and flowered balconies, there is a small jewel of local gastronomy: the Nausikaa. The elegant but comfortable environment is the setting for an exciting and never banal food and wine offer: wide and diversified, always ready to be renewed based on seasonal products, the cuisine of Francesco, the chef brother, essentially uses local products, fresh and carefully selected.

Masseria Catucci

$$ Contrada Capitolo Zona B, 121, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Family Style
Masseria Catucci is a restaurant made of exposed local stone, where you can appreciate the real Apulian cuisine. Today it is a cultural heritage that the Catucci farmhouse presents among the varied culinary proposals that are based precisely on the gastronomic memory of peasant culture. That of the Catucci is a seasonal cuisine that stands out above all for the quality of the products chosen, which serve to enhance and not alter the flavors of tradition. The Masseria is located near Martina Franca.

Ristorante Four Seasons

$$$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 17/18, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Premium Casual
The Four Seasons Restaurant is located in Martina Franca. Here the kitchen is a love for taste. Art that contains the soul of passion in all its facets. Research that with creativity and devotion changes each plate into an incredible dance of smells and flavors. An experience to live and to narrate!

Gaonas Officine Del Gusto

$$$$ Via Vincenzo Bellini, 72, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Born in February 2010 from the idea of ​​Gianfranco and Antonella, the Gaonas Restaurant - Officine del Gusto is located in the historic center of Martina Franca in a typical, intimate, and reserved place. The dishes are inspired by local tradition but revisited with originality and attention to detail, with fusion encounters, using carefully selected raw materials, with classic, low-temperature, and slow cooking. Fresh vegetables, fine meats, fish products, local cheeses, herbs, and spices including oriental ones and mono cultivar extra virgin olive oils are skilfully mixed to create dishes with a unique flavor in which local tradition and modern cuisine blend well. At Gaonas you can find an à la carte menu to freely choose the dishes to taste. A trip into the flavors of the Apulian land that wink at fusion cuisine. The tasting menu, on the other hand, is designed for those who want to be accompanied by chef Gianfranco on a tour in the dark that retraces the stages of his cuisine and the dishes not to be missed.

Osteria Del Coco Pazzo

$$$$ Via Arco Mastrovito, 18, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Trattoria and restaurant in Martina Franca, where you can taste all the specialties of our typical Martinese and traditional Apulian cuisine. The restaurant "Osteria del Coco Pazzo" will welcome you in its well-kept and representative rooms. Our recipes, as well as guaranteeing the goodness and delicacy, confirm the quality of the products used, strictly local and above all genuine ingredients, combined with the great variety of wines of local and regional production, available and proposed for every type of combination in harmony with the flavors of our cuisine. To complete the journey into the flavors and delights of our typical cuisine, the "Osteria del Coco Pazzo" restaurant and winery offers its customers the elegance and sobriety of its indoor and outdoor premises, guaranteeing you a wonderful and comfortable welcome. A simple and refined atmosphere to welcome you to an ideal place, where you can spend your best moments and allow yourself the pleasure of savoring our tradition.

Ristorante Torre Di Angelucco

$$$$ Via Mercadante, 96, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
A warm and welcoming environment, refined but never formal. The Torre di Angelucco restaurant is located in the wonderful village of Martina Franca and offers traditional cuisine, rich in flavors and smells linked to the Apulian tradition. The typical dishes of the flourishing land of the South are served at the table in an elegant way. The menu retraces all the tastes and the most typical dishes of Puglia, going from the Gargano to the lower Salento, retracing Km and Km of culinary richness and vastness of flavors belonging to an ageless land.

Origini - Osteria Martina Franca

$$$ Via Salvator Rosa, 3, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Casual Dining Family Style
The Origini tavern was born from the idea of two young boys from Martina, united by a passion for cooking and a desire to strengthen and enhance the culinary traditions typical of their city, Martina Franca. The tavern is located in the heart of the historic center of Martina Franca, a welcoming place, renovated respecting the ancient local traditions. The ideal place for those who want to restore the spirit and the body, and rediscover the tastes of the traditions of the past. Our cuisine is the result of an ideal balance between peasant gastronomic traditions and the historical memory of a people, which has made oil and wine the essential components of the art of dining.


$$$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 6, 74015, Martina Franca
Italian Premium Casual
In the maze of boardwalks, between Baroque friezes and ancient Chianche, indulge in the pleasure of the most virtuous art: the Baroque. Among the marvel of these lines, in the heart of the historic center, the emblem of the Itria Valley, Coquinarius will delight you with his dishes. The ancient traditions of cooking meat are renewed to give shape to new multisensory experiences. A dream cultivated for years, in the long days of work, spent behind the counter of our butcher's shop. A dream that we wanted to have all the flavor of the tradition of the Martinese stove, but not limited to this. A dream that told the passion for the culinary art and that combined the experience of decades with a vision projected in search of the new and the good. Coquinarius is the name we have chosen for this dream. Poetic like our ambitions, ancient like our knowledge, high-sounding like the passion - that for cooking meat to perfection - that moves us. A dozen seats, set up next to our second home, the Butcher's shop in the historic center: a welcoming, essential, and natural environment, in the Baroque heart of the Itria Valley, Martina Franca.
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