Best Restaurants in Naples

Palazzo Petrucci

$$$$ Via Posillipo 16/C, 80123, Naples
Italian Fine dining
istorante Palazzo Petrucci was started in 2007. An ambitious plan, a gamble by Edoardo Trotta, a business expert who had always been keen on the world of food and wine, and Lino Scarallo, a Neapolitan Chef; this is what gave rise to the idea of a restaurant that could offer tradition and innovation at the same time, reviving typical "o ragu e Mare" (turf and surf) dishes. The kitchen is wide open to be seen, so that people can see the commitment and passion of our chef, reflected in every dish. Lino Scarallo, Palazzo Petrucci's chef since 2007, will introduce you to a world of sensations and emotions where your five senses become notes of the same tune, words of the same poem. You will enjoy the taste and smell of the food and look out to the horizon, listening to the sound of the sea: a unique experience that has to be experienced to be understood.

A Fenestella

$$$ Via Marechiaro, 23, 80123, Naples
Italian Casual Dining
On the end of the Posillipo hill, in Marechiaro, is born the 'a Fenestella restaurant. It was born at the beginning of the century as a trattoria and takes its name from a window of the restaurant which overlooked the famous Carolina, made famous by a song by Salvatore Giacomo “A Marechiaro”. The location is suitable for organizing events and ceremonies, with a charming and welcoming atmosphere.

Fratelli La Bufala

$$ Via Francesco Caracciolo, 10, 80122, Naples
Italian Family Style
Fratelli La Bufala with its historic base is located via Caracciolo, in Mergellina, in the heart of Naples, and a few steps from the sea. The kitchen offers typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, including pizza, first courses, main courses, and desserts.


$$ Via Posillipo, 268, 80123, Naples
Italian Family Style
Tufò Trattoria Gourmet is a restaurant with typical Neapolitan cuisine. It is located in Naples in via Posillipo from which you can enjoy the view of the sea and Vesuvius. The cuisine offers typical local dishes, in a welcoming and comfortable setting.

50 Kalò Di Ciro Salvo

$$ Piazza Sannazzaro, 201/B, 80123, Naples
Italian Pizzeria
Ciro Salvo is the third generation of master pizzamakers from a renowned family. His research on extremely hydrated dough, where very large percentage of water are added to the flour, has resulted in awards and recognition from the most regarded national and international food critics , with particular emphasis to the lightness and easy digestibility of the dough. The menu is continually revised according to seasonally available ingredients: a continuous research that gives the opportunity to use the produce, carefully selected, like DOP and IGP products that include Provolone del Monaco, Ciauscolo Spredable Salami, Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months, as well as regional food rarities like Slow Food Presidium's Castelpoto Cured Sausage and Paternopoli Apriliatico Broccolis. The wine and Champagne list is worthy of mention.

Ristorante Mattozzi

$$ Piazza Carità, 2, 80134, Naples
Italian Pizzeria
Everyday our restaurant is the place where the local population choose to spend their lunch break, finding the best dishes of the Neapolitan tradition and good prices. We offer great range of fish dishes, like mixed fried fish, sautéed shell fish and the best fish from the Mediterranean. The fish is bough ever day at the local market to guarantee it is always fresh and with the real taste of the sea. For meat lovers we offer a wide range of dishes to taste the best Italian meat like sausages, our tender fillets steaks or a more classic cotoletta or scaloppina with different sauces. Mattozzi Restaurant and Pizzeria is in the heart of the town, a few steps away from the main transport system: underground (Toledo) and funicolars (Centrale and Montesanto), a gateway to reach the sea front passing through the beautiful Via Toledo and Piazza Plebiscito.

Puok Burger Store

$ Via Francesco Cilea, 104, 80127, Naples
Italian Fast Food
“Non è cuozzo. Non è gourmet. È PUOK.” So says the slogan, the motto of PUOK Burger Store, in Naples. Puok offers a wide selection of sandwiches created by assembling various ingredients, all of the highest quality, to give life to works of art to be enjoyed in the heart of the city. The beer selection is limited but suitable to accompany the sandwich in the best possible way.

Zero Zero Grano

$$ Via Carlo De Cesare, 40, 80123, Naples
Italian Family Style
In a typical alley of the famous Quartieri spagnoli, a stone's throw from the majestic Piazza del Plebiscito, this small family-run business opened its blue doors. Everyday Emma welcomes the guests and Eduardo works in the kitchen making celiacs and people intolerant to gluten and lactose happy, because they can enjoy in complete safety, from the appetizers to the desserts, typical traditional dishes and new creations of the chef, who daily bakes fresh bread, and prepares pasta and sweets with love and dedication. Over the years, Zero Zero Grano has become more and more inclusive, also perfecting its menu according to the needs of vegetarian and vegan guests, and today it is a point of reference for all the people who love good and genuine food, because no one notices that it is all strictly gluten-free and lactose-free.


$$ Via Partenope, 1, 80123, Naples
Italian Pizzeria
Gino Sorbillo belongs to one of the oldest families of pizza makers in Naples. grows up in the family pizzeria and soon learns the secrets of real Neapolitan pizza. The new frontier of Gino Sorbillo is the use of refined ingredients of the highest quality such as flours from organic farming, vegetables, vegetables, and flavorings. Taking advantage of the many raw materials that the Campania region offers throughout the year and constantly continuing to search for the best Italian gastronomic excellence. The integration of the ingredients and their mixing on the pizza allows Gino Sorbillo to create new proposals and to continuously update the menu.

Trattoria Medina

$$ Via Medina, 32, 80133, Naples
Italian Family Style
A few steps from the Maschio Angioino, an icon of the city, Trattoria Medina is born: the local symbol of Neapolitan gastronomy that has now become a legend. Harmonizing flavors that evoke memories, satisfy desires, and give moments of intense happiness: this is our philosophy and our talent. To do this, we select only homegrown products of the highest quality, healthy and genuine. Here tradition and innovation come together to celebrate the value of authenticity. Let yourself be conquered by our assortment of appetizers, first courses, main courses, pizzas. Infinite variations on the theme of pleasure at the table, thanks to the most heated Neapolitan creativity.

Il Cantiere Pub

$ Via San Giacomo Dei Capri, 24, 80128, Naples
Italian Fast Food
Il Cantiere is Marco Mengoni's first Gastropub! Open in Naples every day. We rely on first choice products, the freshness of the food and attention to detail are the main characteristics of the Pub. Il Cantiere wants to become the reference point for those who know how to eat well but also aspires to be that place where you proudly bring a friend to let him discover something good and exceptional.


$$ Via Medina, 55/57, 80133, Naples
Italian Pizzeria
Solopizza is a very popular place in the city of Naples and is located in the central via Medina near the Maschio Angioino. It is a characteristic location of the area, where it is possible to savor not only excellent pizzas cooked in a traditional wood oven and in a rustic and pleasant environment, but also to spend a few hours relaxing with relatives and friends, perhaps opting for a restaurant menu of the land. and seafood or for the classic fried products such as arancini, crocché, courgettes, and courgette flowers.

Trattoria Nardones

$$ Via Nardones, 10, 80132, Naples
Italian Pizzeria
Nardones was founded in 1970 as a Trattoria where to taste the dishes of the Neapolitan tradition. Over the years, the owners Enzo and Lena carried on with audacity and passion a family business, passing the same passion even to next generations. In 2005, they decided to add to their Menu also the symbol of Naples, the “pizza.” Since then the Nardones, together with their son Luca, Francesco and Salvatore, are carrying on the activity in a unique atmosphere of tradition, love and passion for Neapolitan cuisine. Selected ingredients, ancient recipes from the Neapolitan culinary tradition, the suggestions of a tasty cuisine rich in genuineness. The secret? That familiar touch that makes you feel like home.

Chalet Ciro

$ Via Caracciolo, 80122, Naples
Italian Family Style
Born in 1952, the Chalet Ciro was and is, for many decades, a reference point for the city's community and visitors. Products such as handcrafted cakes, the coffee prepared with great skill, the Neapolitan donut "fried and ate" and new comers as Conograffa and Conosfoglia, attract thousands of people every day who want to delight your palate, near the fascinating panorama, of Mergellina and Gulf of Naples, valued and recognized worldwide.

Zi Teresa

$$ Via Borgo Marinari, 1, 80132, Naples
Italian Elegant & Chic
The Zi Teresa Restaurant in Naples, even if in the heart of the city, is an oasis of peace away from the chaos and smog. Zi Teresa is in one of the most beautiful and evocative settings of Naples, at the foot of the majestic Castel dell’Ovo in the bay of the ancient Borgo Marinari. It is the meeting point for those who love to eat well: every occasion is good to enjoy a Mediterranean menu with intense aromas, the most refined delicacies but ... also an excellent pizza. History and art can be found in the flavors of carefully selected excellent ingredients, where passion and tradition are expressed enhancing the taste of each preparation.


$$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 141, 80121, Naples
Italian Fine dining
Veritas is Neapolitan "fine dining": conviviality, sharing, and exchange. The intensity of flavors, a precise and conceptual study of the dish in every component, fun, and beauty in the composition: Gianluca's cuisine is attentive to sustainability, uninhibited, and at the same time determined.

Il Comandante

$$$$ Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45, 80133, Naples
Italian Fine dining
Il Comandante restaurant, awarded with one Michelin star, is located on the 10th and last floor of the ROMEO Hotel. Open exclusively for dinner, it showcases the creative and refined gourmet cuisine by Executive Chef Salvatore Bianco whilst enjoying the spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples. A multi-sensorial experience, a perfect synthesis of fascinating gastronomic rituals and incomparable service.

Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant

$$$$ Via Partenope, 45, 80121, Naples
Italian Fine dining
Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant situated on the ninth floor offers a splendid panorama over the Gulf of Naples. Dedicated to Enrico Caurso who made the Vesuvio his Neapolitan home, the restaurant is a homage to the musical legend but moreover to his great culinary passion.

Wapo Natural Food

$$$ Piazza Ferdinando Fuga, 9, 80127, Naples
Italian Casual Dining
The name expresses and contains the essence of the restaurant, to make immediately people think about dishes cooked by… “wapour”. Actually, W is even the first letter of the concept ‘Wellness’, because we try to avoid fat cuisine and raw materials and cooking methods which could be heavy or that could undermine the health of the hosts. Nevertheless, our courses are very testy, unique and we wish they’re capable to satisfy even gourmet tastes. Lastly, Wapo makes an assonance with the Spanish word “Guapo”, which means beautiful, fascinating: in fact, the architecture of the place is well-finished in every detail.


$$$ Via Medina, 62, 80133, Naples
Italian Fast Casual
In the heart of Naples, Cibarè invites you for a culinary journey to discover the Bourbon cuisine. In an environment that combines modern lines with elements of ancient charm, the inspiration of the chefs brings to the table dishes that reinterpret the best gastronomic tradition of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in a contemporary way, with great attention given to the choice of ingredients.
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